Project Green October 19-20, 2016

Water Innovation in Action 2.0 Join your peers to discuss, plan, and celebrate the future of Ontario as a global water leader.

GTAA Partners in Project Green
Water Innovation in Action 2.0 brings together the province’s water sector players, including industry, government, municipalities, and academia, to discuss progress, plans, and goals for our thriving sector. What have we achieved since Ontario passed the Water Opportunities Act? What remains to be done, and where are the opportunities? Most importantly, how will we raise the bar together?
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WSIP August 11, 2016

Maintain Your Irrigation System – Increase Efficiency and Achieve Sustainable Goals

by Corena Cane & Jeremy Harris
Do you manage a condominium that has an in-ground irrigation system? Chances are, your system has been through several seasons of wear and tear that can impact the efficiency of the system Read MORE >

Untapped July 5, 2016

An untapped source of water savings? How maintaining in-ground irrigation systems can help condos lower utility bills

by Corena Cane & Jeremy Harris
Several seasons of wear and tear can impact the efficiency of a condominium’s in-ground irrigation system. Some of the major causes of water waste are: leaks, broken or improper head, outdated control technology and improper scheduling. All of these inefficiencies come at an unnecessary cost, and long-term studies indicate an average of 55 per cent of the water used for irrigation on condominium properties is wasted. Read MORE >